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Red Red-Rock Beiseker 302U
At the 2009 World Angus Forum at Spruce Meadows

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At Papa Jack, we produce quality Red Angus and Polled Hereford bulls and females, as well as superior Red-Baldy crossbred replacement females. Our breeding program emphasizes proper conformation, performance, calving-ease, and strong maternal traits. The cattle are primarily grass-raised, with feed efficiency and longevity bred into our pedigrees. Our animals are designed to be easy-keeping and productive with minimal inputs. What works best for the commercial cattle industry is our guiding principle.

Our History

We are a family-run outfit located near Drumheller, Alberta. Our program has operated in the Hand Hills region for four generations. The commercial herd has been ongoing throughout. We started breeding registered Polled Herefords in 1995. In 1998 we began using Red Angus bulls in our commercial program, and bought our first registered Red Angus heifers from the Devolins (Devolane Red Angus) at Didsbury in 2000. Each type of cattle has strengths which are suited to the dry, rugged country they are raised in. We have continued on with both breeds as well as a cross-breeding program because we feel that they each have something to offer the industry.

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Dynasty heifer calves on grass - July '09

Prairie Wool
Our native grass pasture in the Hand Hills of Alberta

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Things you should know about Hereford cattle

Livestock breeding is a practice that has survived for a long period of time and it still goes strong today. Among the favorites breeds of the cattlemen is the Hereford cow. Despite the fact that they are originally from Hereford, England, these bovines are found today in many temperate regions from Australia and all the way to America. If you want cows just for fun, or you need them for beef production, the Hereford animals are perfect for every homestead.

All farmers seek to minimize their costs for food, labor and veterinary bills. The Polled Hereford cow is widely-used for her multiple qualities. Their hornless nature makes it easier for the producers to maintain them as they do not require effort and stress with the dehorn process. Since long ago these cattle have been raised mainly for their meat quality so it is no wonder an entire meatpacking industry has been created all over the world.

Due to the breed’s high tolerance and adaptability to different climates and environments, people can choose them regardless of whether they live close to Chicago, or near Alberta in Canada. Also, their temperament allows you to handle them with less hassle and equipment. If you like cows, but you are unable to grow them, a trip to a local ranch is what you need. Enjoy a weekend day with your Chicago escort you found on http://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-chicago-il-71/ and go for a visit in the countryside.

It is well-known that fertility and early maturity are essential traits when it comes to animals’ growth. The Herefords popularity comes from their high fertility and the gestation period, which is shorter than the average cow’s. They are able to calve from the age of 2 and still continue to rebreed every 365 days. With a moderate body size that allows them to produce a bigger calf and a low mortality rate of calves, you can create big and healthy herds.

Top-quality beef and milk are factors that contributed to the Herefords’ fame. The best quality meat comes from grass fed cows and their freedom to roam the pastures. This way, the natural lifestyle helps them to be happy and enjoy a healthy life, which will show in your steak dish free from hormones and full of good fats and succulent flavors. This type of beef represents the choice of some of the best restaurants, celebrities or chefs.

Longevity is another great reason why breeders opt for the Hereford cattle. The life span of the females is beyond the age of 15. They can still produce calves around this age, which is an important economic aspect. The bulls can breed for at least six breeding seasons and reach the age of 12. They do not need to be replaced for the breeding purpose and the elderly animals are kept more often until they die due to natural causes.

The versatile animals and their capability to adapt to different pastoral conditions make them a good pick even when you have limited resources of food. These bovines can assimilate roughage and are able to live with less feed supplies. So while they require low maintenance and it is a pleasure to raise them, the Hereford breed is also a good mean to maximize your profit. You can start your beef herd with these beautiful specimens and you will never regret it.

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